Data-driven Link Building

If a search term is competitive you need links. 

They are a source of trust in Google’s eyes. 

This post will show you how to build links to pages effectively. 

So, when you’re trying to rank a specific page, you need to know a few metrics.

  • How many referring domains
  • Your overall domain authority (before & after)

Referring domains to that page + Overall authority of the website.

Next, collect the top 3 results (not including sites like Wikipedia) for a benchmark. 

  • The average referring domains. 
  • The average domain authority. 
  • The average monthly link velocity. 

Then put the 3 results into a Google sheet.

This lets you build links with data and is the smartest way to outreach.

It means you can use a sniper technique instead of a shotgun approach.

The Sniper method is focusing on fewer but higher-quality websites. 

You need to keep in mind:

  • How many links do you need to rank? 
  • What is the potential revenue/value increase for the site?

Most website owners won’t accept free content.

It’s just how the internet works—money talks. 

Say, if you rank for a keyword and make an extra $1000 a month (add 30k to your asset value). 

Then you can set a budget and link target.

To amplify the success and I structure my email subject like: 

I Want To Give You $$$ For A Post.

Or something very similar to that.

This data-driven outreach technique has a higher success rate. 

I hope it helps.

Cya in the next one.