Make LAZY Side Money With ‘DEAD’ Niche Sites 

Are Niche Sites Dead? HELL NO!

It’s tougher now with AI, but AI also makes it EASIER than ever. 

It’s all about perspective.

I did a YouTube series, starting a site from scratch. The website went live on the 17th of Jan, I LEFT IT ALONE by 2nd of Feb, after dropping $458.12 on content. Got busy with other projects but…

Even doing NOTHING, it’s already earning:

And the traffic: 

Not too shabby for a (2-3 week) PASSIVE ASSET, right? Here’s how I did it:

  • Research
  • Money Silo Structure
  • Ai Content

That’s it. All on-page SEO. Zero links. 

A visual example of a money silo—keeps things TOPICALLY RELEVANT.

Now, about those “dead” niche sites. 

Costs $458.12, returned $442.49 so far.

Plus cheap extras like $12/yr domain and $5/mo hosting.

Cheap as chips compared to most businesses.

Costs: 579.76, including extra costs: $72 (year)

Full Transparency on Costs

I snagged the Koala Black Friday deal.

  • $489 for 2.5M words.
  • Used 1,373,860 words – cost: $268.18.

Then, I signed up for the monthly plan.

  • 500k words – cost: $179.
  • Only used 250,923 words – cost: $90.

Get Koala here.

Then there’s Cuppa.

  • Yearly cost: $150.
  • Content cost: $88.94.

Here’s the content breakdown:

  • Cuppa: 214 articles (+20 deleted due to my error).
  • Koala: 348 articles.

Cost per article:

  • Cuppa: $0.26 per article (2-3k words each).
  • Koala: $1.03 per article (1-3k words each).

Not including Cuppa’s $150 yearly cost. But damn, I’m shocked at how cheap it is.

Try Cuppa here. (Great for programmatic keywords)

BOTH great for different uses:

Koala: for reviews.

Cuppa: for info and pSEO.

Right, back to it!

Building an empire.

Even being pessimistic with a 50% success rate…

Build 20 sites: $10,378 investment

10 succeed at $300/mo each = $3,000/mo!

For me the “niche sites are dead” crowd misses the point.

Let’s take this and work on monetization

The easier the method, the less you earn. 

Fact of life.

The monetization ladder: Ads < Affiliates < Lead Gen < Own Product

(Affiliate & Lead gen–are fairly similar)

Within each:

Ads: AdSense > Ezoic (I’d rather clap with sh*t on my hands) > Mediavine/Raptive

Affiliate: Amazon > Networks & personal programs > Private deals

Personally, I favor affiliate networks to avoid the risk of brands not paying up.

This case study ONLY uses Amazon affiliates, so MASSIVE GROWTH POTENTIAL.

How I’d scale this to $1,000+ a month.

  1. Run genius link and monetize traffic from different geos
  2. Affiliate programs away from Amazon
  3. Private affiliate deals
  4. Kindle Flywheel method
  5. Apply for Mediavine (10k sessions a month)
  6. Create a course or use the method we put in CC

Niche sites are NOT dead – the money’s there if you WORK SMART!

Let me know what you want me to expand on. I LOVE sharing what I know about SEO & affiliate marketing – the path to FREEDOM!