Tik Tok SEO

Tik Tok is becoming a major player in search traffic. 

Let’s face it Google results heavily rely on authority and Reddit. 

That means when you do a search for “best hotels in NY”

It’s ads, google’s recommendations, then big news sites like forbes. 

It’s hard/impossible to compete as an independent publisher. 

Most of the time it’s bland repeated content. 

That’s why most people search this on Tik Tok to find places. 

The thing is it’s a short video, usually with condensed information. 

As search marketers, we need to be where people are searching. 

Below are some top 37 formats that perform well on Tik Tok. 

37 Tik Tok formats

1.) My go-to X for X.

2.) Don’t buy that, buy this instead.

3.) I tried every X so you don’t have to and here are the results.

4.) X people stop scrolling.

5.) This is for X people, so if you’re not keep.

6.) 3 tips to get rid of X.

7.) 5 tips to get X.

8.) I promise you’ve never X.

9.) This risk-free X is something you need if you want to X.

10.) Stop scrolling if you want X.

11.) Wait! Don’t go anywhere, I wanna show you something.

12.) Are you X looking to get rid of X/ looking to get X.

13.) This video is only for X people, so keep scrolling if that’s not you.

14.) X product is officially my go-to for X. 

15.) Things Tik Tok made me buy.

16.) If you’re like me and do X, then this one is for you.

17.) What I order vs. what I got.

18.) (reply to comment with video). 

19.) Best X products I’ve tried that actually work.

20.) I just got my X products and I’m so excited.

21.) Things I Wish I Knew About Sooner Part X.

22.) I keep seeing these X from X all over my feed so I had to try.

23.) I actually can’t believe this does X.

24.) I actually can’t believe this only costs X.

25.) I just found X that does X.

26.) I just found X that does not X. 

27.) I just got my package from X. 

28.) (Snap transition with text question). 

29.) ASMR of product in use.

30.) X Product is the only one I use for X and I’m gonna show you why.

31.) Some days I don’t X and that’s why I use X.

32.) Come do X with me (show the product in use).

33.) This is why you need X.

34.) I got the best gift for my X.

35.) Doing X is like X (metaphor + greenscreens + voiceovers).

36.) POV (only text and video).

37.) Guys, this works so well and looks so beautiful (end results, then problem + pain)

Here’s another way to format videos. 


Magnesium is good for your body, it helps with muscle soreness. 

But what you should know is that pumpkin seeds are full of magnesium.

So what you can do is add pumpkin milk to your coffee. 


Start with a question – A known fact. 

Why it helps. Hook – what I didn’t know. 

New knowledge, then new knowledge with a twist.

Always make sure to end the video with a CTA.