Transform Yourself into an Animated Character with AI

Here’s how @0xFramer put himself into a Midjourney picture

Here’s what he did:

I honestly think this is one of the coolest AI animation workflows I have ever come up with!

I’ve experimented with some AI tools quite a lot recently, and it just happened that this idea popped into my head.

Let’s break it down:

First you need your environment a.k.a AI picture where the action will take place.   

I used this random pic I found in MJ explore section, but it can be anything that makes sense – an isometric garage, a room, a balcony, etc.

Mid journey BG

I placed my phone on my condo’s balcony railing so I could film myself from an isometric angle.

Then I quickly rushed to the first floor and started walking back and forth randomly

Here is the result:

Imported the footage to RunwayML background removal tool.

I didn’t expect it to be so intuitive as it cut out the selected object with virtually no errors!

I spent no more than 3 minutes to remove the background, no green screens needed!

The most important part of this workflow was:

Applying an anime filter using

It is the tool which, in my humble opinion, has enormous potential as an AI content creation tool, but it’s still under the radar due to the lack of good use cases.

P.S. if you have a paid plan, use “Relax mode”. Even though it will take longer but you won’t use any of your credits!

Here is what the before and after Domo AI looks like:

Finally, open Capcut (or any other video editing software), place the background picture first, and put the generated Domo AI anime video on top.

Remove the green screen and position it correctly.

P.S. As Capcut is not capable, I created the shadow using After Effects by duplicating the main character layer, turning it into 3D, applying a fill effect (black color), and decreasing the opacity to 20%.

This is it! 

I have a feeling that this workflow has huge potential for creating some crazy AI visual stuff!! 

If you think the same, pls comment and tell me what you think!

Credit goes to @0xFramer on X for this amazing breakdown.